con|tact «KON takt», noun, adjective, adverb, interjection, verb.
1. the condition of touching; touching together: »

To bring fire into contact with gasoline may cause an explosion. A magnet will draw iron filings into contact with it.

SYNONYM(S): touch.
2. a) the condition of being in communication with: »

The control tower lost radio contact with the airplane pilot.

b) a connection: »

In college he made contacts with students from many states.

c) a useful business or social connection: »

The insurance salesman tried to make contacts with wealthy people. She has a useful contact in an advertising agency.

d) a person serving as a liaison: »

the chief contact…between [atomic scientists] and the army administrators (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists).

3. a) a connection between two conductors of electricity through which a current passes. b) a device or part for producing such a connection: »

The electric light went out when the wire broke off at the contact.

4. Medicine. a) exposure to a contagious disease. b) a person who has been exposed to a contagious disease.
5. Geology. the surface of the boundary between adjacent rocks.
6. = contact lens. ( lens)
1. received on touching: »

a contact burn.

2. occurring on touching: »

a contact burst.

Aeronautics. within sight of land or water: »

to fly contact.

Aeronautics. the ignition switch is on and the propeller can be turned.
1. Informal. to get in touch with: »

Mother is ill! Contact the doctor immediately!

2. to put or bring into contact; cause to touch: »

An electric arc is struck by contacting the electrodes.

to be in contact; establish contact: »

If the exposed wires contact, we shall have a short circuit.

[< Latin contāctus, -ūs a touching < contingere < com- with + tangere touch]
con´tact|less, adjective.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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